Marie A. Laverriere -LCSW/Therapist

I accept most health insurances
(I am an affiliate with Health Affiliates Maine)

I have a special rate for people with no insurance & limited income  $45.00 a session
My regular self pay rate is 80.00 to 125.00 a session
I accept cash and all credit/debit cards

Call for an Appointment

P. O. Box 147, Saco, Maine  04072 

I utilize a holistic approach to wellbeing for people seeking quality of life.  I use a variety of therapeutic modalities both traditional and contemporary/alternative and I meet clients where they are and together we create a plan of care.  I offer a sacred space where people come to experience support and healing of mind, body and spirit.

I work with individuals 18 to 100+ years old and couples.  I also work with people who identify as gay, lesbian, or transgendered.  I respect people from all walks of life.  

I have experience and skills in working with these issues:
Trauma, Grief and Loss, Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Phobias, PTSD, Panic Disorder, ADHD/ADD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Addiction, Anger Management, Marital Issues, Relationship Issues, Parenting Issues, Divorce, Religious &/or Spiritual Issues, Shame, as well as Feeling Disconnected from Self and Others,  Feeling Unbalanced, Physical Unease/Discomfort,  Emotional  and Spiritual Blocks, Feeling Cluttered &/or Stuck and wanting peace and calm.

I believe that everyone has a right to quality of life.  Sometimes things happen in life and causes us to become unbalanced and we need some help in sorting things out.  Everyone deserves to be happy and to feel peace in their lives.  We all have a purpose in being here and sometimes we loose sight of that purpose or it may have changed and we have to re-connect with it.  Therapy can be helpful in aiding us to re-adjust our thinking, re-prioritize our choices, and sometimes it may be helpful to us in finding new meaning in life.  If you feel like something is missing in your life and you are not happy--if you feel depressed, anxious, panicked, sad, anger, fearful, or disconnected you may want to consider making an appointment to explore the possibilities in therapy for your wellbeing.

My Education And Training
I have a Masters in Social Work from the University of New England in Biddeford, Maine as well as a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Boston College.  I also have a Doctorate in Ministry from Bangor Theological Seminary.  My concentration while working on the two ministry degrees was in Spirituality.  I believe in a holistic approach to healing of mind, body & soul.  

I am licensed as a clinical social worker in the States of Maine. 

My approach to healing of  mind, body and spirit is holistic and includes my formal training -BSW, MSW, MA and DMin.  I also have been trained in  a variety of alternative/contemporary modalities of healing.  I have training in energy psychology techniques (TAT & EFT).  I am certified as a masters level aromatherapist.  I use essential oils when the client wants to and would benefit from its use.  I am also trained in energy and intuitive work and I utilize this when the client asks me to .  I am trained in Spiritual Counseling, Meditation, and Life Coaching.  I also have a certificate in Spiritual Direction.  If the client wants to explore art in therapy then I offer the tools and space for that therapeutic expression as well.

The traditional modalities that I utilize in therapy are:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Mindfulness Based Therapy.  I approach therapy from a practical model.  I offer my clients a variety of information using handouts, worksheets and techniques to help them accomplish their goals.

My goal is always to meet the client where she/he is and to work from a strength based perspective with the intention of helping clients attain the life they desire to have.

Meet Rumi- my Certified Therapy Dog

Rumi was born in March 2015 and he is a Standard Poodle (hypo-allergenic).  He loves to be patted and responds to people who speak to him.  He sits in his pen in my office so the clients have a choice whether to interact with him or not.  He usually stays in his pen during the counseling sessions.

I accept most health insurances.  I work with Health Affiliates Maine so when you call your insurance, I am listed under their group.

I am aware that some people do not have insurance because they can't afford it so I offer therapy at $45.00 a session for people who do not have insurance and have limited income.  My regular fees for self pay are $80.00 to $125.00 a session.

I accept cash and all credit/debit cards.


Office hours by appointment only.

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